Suffolk Coastal Path Day 4 Hollersley to Felixstowe

After a fine breakfast at Poplar Farm, we were back out walking. Our first task was to rejoin the Coastal Path where we had left it yesterday just before Shingle Street.  Shingle Street was a very pretty hamlet with a row of very weather-exposed properties adjacent to Bawdsey Beach.  We saw our first Martello Tower here. This one had been converted into a private residence.

Over the next few miles we saw many of these towers (with 1 metre thick walls) and also other more recent defences from WW2.  We soon reached Bawdsey Car Park and walked into Bawdsey. Radar was developed during WW2 in this area and there were signs of the base still evident. We soon reached Bawdsey Manor and the Bawdsey Ferry.  We waved the sign to attract the attention of the Ferryman and his ancient dog. The crossing was easy and we stopped for second breakfast on the Felixstowe side of the River Deben. We were back to a full-on holiday-maker section now, very much in contrast to the isolated walking of yesterday.

We were pleasantly surprised by the section along the Felixstowe front. It was full of the normal sea-side trappings with ice-cream kiosks and amusement arcades alongside the fish and chip shops and cafes.

We were soon the other side of the Pier and walked on to the Landguard Nature reserve. We watched a large container ship being unloaded in the docks and made it to the Harwich passenger ferry landing point and the end of the Suffolk Coastal Path.

We had walked  15 miles today and 65 miles in total and had been very impressed with the scenery all along the route. Autumn was a good time to do the walk as accommodation would be difficult to obtain in the busy summer months.  It was back home now via the Felixstowe train station refreshed but tired from the journey.


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