Dales Way – Day 3 – Rain and high point of walk

Today it rained a lot, but we made it to the end and completed 16.3 miles.

We set off from Church Farm at around 8.45am after a filling breakfast and cracked on as best we could in the pouring rain along Langstrothdale. It was a day to keep the big camera in the rucksack, so most photos were taken with the phone.

We soon reached Yockenthwaite and then Deepdale. We hit the road at Beckermonds and pressed on, passing by the old chapel and Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee stone. The section from Swarthghyll Farm to Camhouses was very tricky with lots of streams to be crossed and bogs to be avoided. We had a quick break at Camhouses and changed to dry gloves. We soon crossed Cam Woodland Plantation and went uphill to join the Pennine Way at 522m the highest spot on the Dales Way. We had great views from here and could see the bands of rain in the distance.

The walking was a lot easier from here and we sped up and soon reached Far Gearstones, admiring the views of the Ribblehead Viaduct as we walked along.

Blea Moor was next up – more boggy terrain but at least the rain had stopped. The views had really opened up in this section. We made it to the Dent Road, finishing the last of the day’s sweets (chocolate eclairs and humbugs) and carried on down Dent Road to the 30m high Dent Head Viaduct. It was just a short hop from there to the Sportsmans Inn by the River Dee.

It was great to arrive and get dry again. A bath in peaty water was interesting and dinner was booked for 7pm. What will the weather have in store for us tomorrow as we aim for Dent and then Sedbergh?


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