Dales Way Day 2 – The day of the stiles

Today’s walk started with a very filling breakfast at the Red Lion. We met a chap about 15 minutes in who tipped us off about a dipper in the River Wharf just ahead. We managed to get a couple of photos from the other side of the river. We were soon at the a very wobbly and narrow suspension bridge and crossed carefully – we should probably have gone over one at a a time. We have done a fair bit of walking, but never come across as many gated stiles as we did today. We carried on along Wharfedale and after a few miles came to Linton Falls just before Grassington. Here we saw another dipper busy in the river.

Pastries were purchased in Grassington at the well named Walker’s Bakery and we said we would come back sometime to explore all the shops. We walked out by the Old Methodist Church. The next stage over to Kettlewell was very pleasant but tough as the wind and the rain were making an appearance. We walked over part of the Trail Trekker route (Oxfam 100km fund raiser from a few year’s ago) – although last time round this section was walked in the dark.

The stiles per mile count went up to over 20 – with 14 in the last 5/8 mile to Kettlewell. We had a look at the Youth Hostel in Kettlewell, which also doubles as the local post office. We took a break for food in Kettlewell and then pressed on for the last 5 miles to Hubberholme passing by Buckden and Starbotton.

We covered 15.4 miles today and 30,000 stiles -perhaps not quite as many as that. Tonight’s stay is in Church Farm B&B – a very comfortable farmhouse – hopefully the farm animals have a lie-in tomorrow. Tonight’s food was at the White Lion in Cray about a mile away. Great food and service was had and we are ready for a day full of weather tomorrow as we head to Cowgill in Dentdale.


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